At Pipetek Infrastructure Services, we pride ourselves on providing a quality service to our clients.  Which is complemented by having a fleet of late model vehicles, and new equipment, that creates more reliability and less unnecessary downtime on site. 


Pipetek Infrastructure Services has realized since its inception, that the only way to succeed in this industry and gain repeat business, is to stand out as a company that consistently provides a good quality product that can be trusted for its accuracy and is delivered in a timely fashion.


Pipetek’s sewer maintenance and inspection on-going operations are continuously being monitored through our own quality control process, thereby ensuring that quality is not sacrificed for speed of production. 


Firstly, the correct equipment in terms of performance and quality is obviously vital in being able to perform the required tasks to the standard of quality expected. Pipetek has a fleet of best in class sewer cleaning and inspection equipment, both in terms of leading technology advances and in respect to quality and reliability of build. 


Secondly, and most importantly the standard of employee to carry out the task is key in the quality of service being provided. Pipetek prides itself on its standard of employees in respect to their integrity, quality of work and care in carrying out each task to the client’s requirements.  


Each employee is given thorough training for the Health and Safety requirements of the job and technical/operational training for the tasks to perform. 

A training matrix is kept and maintained to ensure that courses are kept up to date and personnel are fully versed in the latest requirements/standards.


Each employee is fully scripted on the importance of customer service. This is in respect to both the immediate client to whom we are providing the service, and of course the Client’s ‘customers’ (members of the Public).  We are fully aware that in providing this service to any municipality or Utility company, we are their representatives while we are on their site.


At Pipetek we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our clients in such a manner that all parties are aware of the progress, special requirements, problems, that arise from time to time and most importantly how these items are being handled. We understand that unless the work is being carried out in a way in which the client requires, it will only lead to problems. To avoid such problems, constant communication is the key to ensuring that everyone involved is aware of the day-to-day events and that normal issues do not become problems. 


Last, Pipetek also employs a data control team whose role is to check and verify all of the data and videos that get completed each day. This team has the full inspection software set up within the office so that any corrections can be made without having to interrupt the truck from working.


All of this combined allows us to provide the industry with the highest of quality service, and we look forward to working with you.

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