We can safely inspect sewers where Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are present. Pipetek Infrastructure Services offers a full line of explosion-proof video inspection services for petrochemical and other industries. All equipment used is listed and labeled for explosion- proof operations. Using flame path technology and inert gas pressurization, we are able to safely inspect pipelines with Class 1, Division 1, Group C & D atmospheres and ATEX Zone 1 and 2.

Explosion-Proof Camera Mounted Tractors

Pipetek uses a wide range of camera transports to inspect pipelines and confined spaces that require an explosion-proof rating. These include tractors, referred to as crawlers, with variable speed controllers. Our explosion-proof video cameras are mounted on specially designed transports that allow for the thorough and safe inspection of jet fuel lines, natural gas pipelines, oil and hydrocarbon transmission lines, or any other pipeline with explosive atmospheres. All cameras produce sharp, full color, quality images

Our larger crawlers are steerable and are used in pipelines in which a person cannot enter. The smaller crawlers are capable of traveling and inspecting up to 1,000 linear feet of pipeline from a single entry point. identifying oil sheens on the water.

Pan & Tilt Camera Systems

The operator points the camera and lighting assembly at the area to be inspected and can then pan, as well as rotate, the camera head a full 360 degrees. These important features enable us to provide a very detailed inspection of interior pipe walls, borehole and drilled shaft walls, or any other confined area. The resolution and image quality of our cameras is the best in the industry.

Mini-Cam Inspections

Pipetek operators use push rod, mini-cameras to inspect small diameter pipelines. Pipelines from 2 inches up to 500 feet in length can be inspected with these camera systems. Using specialized mini-cams we can inspect 1 inch to 8 inch pipe.

Common uses are jet fuel transmission lines, gas pipelines, propane storage caverns, boreholes, and others. This system uses a self-upright positioning camera. This feature insures the picture always appears upright on the screen even if the camera should flip over.

Explosion Proof Pipeline Inspection

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