Any diameter of pipeline can be inspected from 75mm upwards. The same quality of video can be expected in all diameters and the zoom camera ensures focusing on the details in large diameter pipes is maintained. With the added data capture of laser measurement with the zoom camera there is no doubt that all of your inspection needs can be met in a 'one pass' inspection. Every camerahead in the Pipetek fleet has an inbuilt locating sonde to enable above ground tracing for line and depth when required.


IBAK's leading technology of lateral inspecting is employed on all of Pipetek's trucks for carrying out CCTV from the mainline sewer into the service connection. This can be carried out as a one off lateral inspection or in conjunction with a mainline survey. Videos and reports can be produced which seamlessly give these combined inspections in a single package for easy viewing and data management. As with the mainline CCTV, every camera in the Pipetek fleet has a locating sonde which can be traced for line and depth above ground.


As an add-on service to the inspection services, Pipetek offers locating of underground utilities. Predominantly this service is incorporated with the CCTV inspections as there is a locating sonde built into every camera head in the Pipetek fleet, which allows the line and depth of the pipeline to be recorded above ground.


Using the state of the art IBAK Panaramo unit, pipelines can be digitally inspected from 150mm to 1200mm at increased resolution up to six times that of conventional CCTV. This unit changes the traditional method of CCTV inspection to give a whole new level of information and data to the end user. Once the data has been collected in the field, technicians can explore the data and images and produce reports that are unavailable with standard CCTV units.


As an addition to the CCTV inspection units, a laser profiler can be attached to the camera unit to record measurements as it traverses the pipeline. The profiler allows extremely accurate pipeline measurements by projecting a laser ring to the pipe wall which is then recorded for data analysis. This system is perfect for testing deflection or erosion in new and old pipes.


In the same way as the pipeline Panaramo, the IBAK ‘SI’ Manhole Inspection System offers un-matched quality of inspection to manholes and chambers. The level of data collected is vital in determining the current physical state of any chamber up to 5 metres in diameter. This unit achieves all measurements of the maintenance chamber without any need to put any worker into the confined space. The resulting data, including GPS logging, can be exported to any format to allow integration into any Infrastructure Management Software.


With Pipetek’s late model flusher combination units, you can be assured of reliability and quality on-site production. Whether your requirement is a single line flush or a term contract, we have the equipment to service your needs.

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